Health & Safety Guide

Health & Safety Guide

When leading tours advertised by our Association, our members agree to comply to the following guidelines in order to keep you safe and reduce risk.  All our members are Blue or Green Badge Guides, qualified by the Institute of Tourist Guiding, and all work on a freelance basis, and maintain an up to date Public Liability Insurance policy.  All our Guides are trained to pro-actively risk assess their tours during their operation, advising clients accordingly to help them avoid unnecessary risks which may compromise their safety.

What Our Guides Will Do:

  • Be aware of and advise you to be aware of uneven surfaces, steps, trip, slip and bump risks where they appear throughout the tour;
  • Exercise group management skills (e.g. ask you to stand in a specific space, or cross the street at a specific location) in order to limit risk;

What We Need You To Do:

  • Arrive on time, so that you do not miss any safety information at the start of the tour;
  • Be aware of slip, trip, fall & bump hazards, and take extra care by paying attention to traffic when crossing roads;
  • Follow your Tour Guides’ instructions when they advise you of any hazards or potential risk;

COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines:

  • Guides will be familiar with the most up to date COVID-19 Public Health Guidelines and Government Social Distancing requirements & adhere to these throughout the tour;
  • We will keep a name and contact number of all lead bookers for each tour, for a maximum of 21 days after the tour, to aid contact tracing where this is requested of us;
  • The maximum group size will be determined based on current government guidance and any restrictions imposed by social distancing guidelines on the date of your tour, and the limit of tickets sold for any tour will be capped and managed by using an online booking facility;
  • Guides request of all participants at the start of every tour, that they should adhere to current social distancing advice throughout the tour;
  • Guides will avoid (and request that tour participants also avoid) shaking hands or any other physical contact with anyone not from their household, including the avoidance of exchanging any items such as leaflets or business cards;
  • For clients making cash payment for Guide services, the Guide will offer a container for the cash (e.g. a box or envelope) which will then be kept sealed by the Guide. Following return of this container to the Guide, they will wash their hands or use hand sanitiser;
  • Guides will wear a face covering if requested to do so. Given that this restricts the provision of commentary throughout the tour, Guides will consider using technology to deliver commentary (e.g. Vox, Zoom etc) if/where appropriate;
  • Guides will apply strict hygiene practices, including thoroughly cleaning their hands before guiding, and carrying a personal hand sanitizer for own their use throughout the tour;
  • Guides will be aware of the location of public toilets & check that they are operational on the day and also be familiar with the location of hand washing/ hand sanitization points;
  • Guides will check their route before each tour starts, to ensure there is adequate space at each stop for the group to spread out and aid social distancing, both between themselves, and members of the public. This will also be to check the viability of each stop in relation to background noise, to avoid the guide having to raise their voice where possible (where this is not possible, Guides will consider technology solutions as described above);
  • Guides will be fully aware of the COVID-19 requirements at any sites, or building interiors visited on the tour, and comply with those requirements, requesting tour participants do the same;

Please see our risk assessment for further information.